Friday, November 18, 2016

The Joys of Aging

Getting old is a royal pain in the nether regions. The systems start acting up more and more. Bits and pieces of the machinery that were just getting by begin to sputter and complain. For the few who hit their 70’s and still climb mountains and dance marathons it can be a blast I suppose, but Himself and I have never been those hardy sorts and it seems we never will be.

What happens instead? One becomes well acquainted with clinic and hospital waiting rooms either waiting for your own procedure or waiting while the spouse receives one. We are learning to carry pocket schedulers again - not for the business meetings but for the various appointments as medical science seeks to probe, diagnose, measure, analyze, and possibly treat the various ailments that have begun to arise.

Today is one of “those days” as we leave our home in the boonies to drive to the nearest “large” town. Himself gets an ultrasound. I get an event monitor.

The doctors get a chunk of our savings.

We probably also add more listings to the schedule.