Thursday, September 22, 2016

My Learning Curve is a Valley

I try to be a “with it” grandmother. This requires a good deal of effort sometimes to suppress my nearly seventy year old’s exclamations of dismay over clothes, make-up, hairstyles… and politics. But it gets the good fight.

Himself and I were in on the early days of the computer revolution and have had computers on our individual desks for many decades. He continues to be up-to-date while I have slowly slid backward into a technological pit. I still manage to blog and I keep up my presence and long-distance relationships on Facebook and I cherish my iPad and use it daily - mostly to play games. When the grandkids started talking about Minecraft I was interested but it has taken me a while to actually download the app and give it a look-see.

Oh dear.

Havoc has ensued. In just an hour I’ve dug innumerable holes like some sort of crazed super-mole and left behind numerous hunks of wall in random scattered places on the landscape. Himself has rushed off to find some sort of basic instruction manual or tutorial for me before I begin yanking out miscellaneous wads of hair only some of which may be mine. Isn’t there a saying nowadays about getting help with such things from a four year old? 

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