Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Poem

Christmas is almost here - 2015

Christmas is coming when folks act so jolly
They decorate houses with lights and with holly

They cut down fir trees or they buy them in lots
They scarf up poinsettias in foil-covered pots

They rush off to buy gifts for family members
Desperate not to hate all Decembers

They shop some online then they shop more in town
They weep as they watch their bank balance go down

The list of “must haves” is dreadfully long
And each head is dulled by that Jingle Bell song

Some guy who is dressed like a gigantic elf
Will be touting the merchandise on the store shelf

Santa will Ho! Ho! as tots tell the tale
Of the presents they want that the store has for sale

Parents will rush out to spend every dime
In hopes that their kiddies will have a good time

If you think that this year I’m not digging the scene
It’s not that I’m grumpy or my wallet is lean

I can’t join the frenzy and spend all my money
At least not just yet ‘cause you know what is funny

The Holiday Spirit laughs up his sleeve
And waits to strike me until Christmas Eve

So that glaze-eyed bedraggled soul standing in line
Is me and I’m having a wonderful time

Martha Schram - 12/15

Thursday, December 17, 2015


From midnight to 9:30AM today and still pouring:

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Another doggoned presidential race is underway. Various folk are posturing and practicing their rhetoric as they try to appear worthy. It is all quite indigestion inducing.

I’m becoming convinced that the mere fact that one wants to be elected into office is proof that one is morally unfit for the job. There have been very few exceptions to this during my lifetime. The current slate of candidates, with perhaps a single exception, seems to prove my point.

I’m trying to ignore it all. I will wait until some one buys the office with the loudest and most simplistic platform crafted for voters to swallow and then watch as everyone settles down to the usual bad-mouthing. The losing party, following elephantine examples from past elections will immediately rev up for blatant obstructionism and nothing will change in the steady slide downward of America’s reputation in the world.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Bearable Winter

This time of year brings forward my essential ursine nature. The cold, the damp, the dark gloomy Pacific Northwet days set my brain into a stupor. I may as well hibernate and give way to my need to nap.

Once upon a time, a season or two, or more ago, I was awake before dawn and yawning as the sun dipped below the horizon. In summer here that means about 4:30 Am to 10PM. My aging baby and the winter season has changed all that. I sleep until 7 or 8AM, wake groggy, stumble out of bed to coffee,toast and my computer, and am ready for a nap by 10 at the latest. And a nap would be nice, perhaps reviving, but daytime naps seldom happen. Instead I bumble about bleary and numb-headed all day wishing for the nap that tries to overtake me but is sabotaged by the need for trips to the bathroom. Thank you diuretics.

And what happened to that early bedtime? If I am lucky I fall asleep in front of the TV but usually I find myself wide awake, surfing 250 channels of hopeless metal pablum until I stagger to bed at 1 or 2 in the morning.

I fantasize about a warm cave, a long blissful sleep, and waking to a glorious sunny spring having magically lost 50 pounds and probably being no grouchier than I am today. Where do I sign up?