Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sky Watching

It is lovely living as close to the coast as Himself and I do. Temperatures soar inland during the summer and we seldom top 70 degrees. It always cools down at night. At this time of year the weather is perfect.

But Himself is a sky watcher. He enjoys looking at the stars and seeing meteor showers. He notes the seasonal changes in the viewable stars, recognized constellations, watches for the rare auroras that might be visible this far south, notes the monthly phases of the moon. All this is casual and these are things he has done for years… when he can.

Here at the coast the night sky is regularly obscured by fog. More often than not the sky phenomena are hidden by a thick gray blanket that seems to come and go randomly. Sunset may be clear only to have the offshore fog dash in and hang over us until the middle of the next day. Or the fog will barrel in sometime in the late afternoon then lift and leave stars glimmering by midnight. If there is any way to predict the behavior we have yet to discover it. Roll the dice and see what comes up? In the past we’ve tried field trips north, south, and east but again it is the old dice roll. Which direction? When? It is anybody’s guess what the fog will have done.

So we wait and hope for tomorrow’s lunar eclipse. Maybe we’ll see it. Maybe we won’t. But we will at least give it a shot.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Social Event

Last night was the “social event of the season” in our tiny town, the Blueberry Bash. It concludes the annual Library Silent Auction and includes a dessert auction. I always attend and always have a great time.

I didn’t win the items I’d bid on in the auction though I did bring home several “last minute” things not really needed. Hey! The money benefits the library, right? Everyone enjoyed wine and cheese donated by local organizations and later we were served blueberry cobbler and ice cream. Delicious!

The most fun is the dessert auction. Our town is graced with many, many fine cooks and bakers, and the items donated were mouth-watering to say the least. I no longer bake if I can avoid it so I happily bid (the money goes to the library, remember?) and bring home wonderful goodies. This year there was a scrumptious cinnamon-streusel coffeecake, a chocolate zucchini loaf cake, cupcakes, and chocolate chip cookies.

No, we don’t eat them all the next day and end up in a dessert induced coma! I portion out the cakes and individually wrap the portions in plastic wrap then group the portions in bags for the freezer. We seldom eat dessert but in the gray and dark days of winter, once every week or two, I remember the frozen goodies and pull out a portion to defrost as we eat dinner. We have a wonderful home-baked treat that was made by loving hands. Super!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Pajama Worm?

No, not what you are thinking. Shame on you!

On a recent night my husband discovered that some obscure channel we get on television was showing The Pajama Game, an old musical starring Doris Day and John Raitt. Knowing that I’d been in that show, it was my high school musical in 1963, he dialed it up and we watched it together.

Corny plot, what there is of it. The show is mostly a series of song and dance loosely strung together over a plot of romance and a factory strike for a 7-1/2cent pay raise. Mostly harmless, right?

Except that it has launched a series of earworms that have been burrowing through my head with all the determination of mega-termites devouring a particularly tasty log.

This is the one I’ve had for the past two days:

Monday, September 7, 2015


I don’t think it is just my eagerness to have some winter rain, rain that can knock the forest fire danger out completely, that makes me sense autumn in the morning air. The way sunlight slants through the living room windows in the morning is different from summer. The look of the clouds in the daytime sky has changed. There are fewer birds at the feeder and those that arrive seem to gather and chatter as if discussing their migration travel plans.

I’ll be watching now for the Juncos to arrive. Just as I watched and waited for the Swallows last Spring. We’ve had first rain and now are due for at least a week of return-of-summer. In past years that pattern has been later and bigger so perhaps this one is deceptive, but my hopes soaring.

Wishing the entire west coast a long, gentle, drought-busting, winter!