Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Gladness

The month of March did not hold any records for rain but it was wetter than we’d expected. April appears to be offering the prospect of showers as well. The mountains didn’t get the snow that was wanted but here on the coast we are enjoying the non-frozen variety and I’m not even complaining. Yet.

Now if only the dripping was confined to outdoors and rain. Spring has also brought the blossoms that stimulate my allergies. My poor old graying head is more befuddled than usual and the schnozz is pouring forth a seasonal libation. Our car is liberally dusted with a layer of golden pollen courtesy of the fir trees hereabouts. Maybe the rain will wash some of that off?

Monday, March 16, 2015


Here is my official unauthorized biography for the curious among my readers, those who were not present at the official roast last night.


Saturday, March 14, 2015


Yes, we have rain! Real honest-to-goodness noisy in the downspout precipitation falleth from the sky and drencheth the land. It hasn't been the sort of deluge that is possible here but we are glad for any we can get. Our rain gauge shows .71" so far today so even though the barometer seems to be rising (Boo! Hiss!) we should be able to get an inch. And should the rain continue unabated maybe the clouds will squeeze out more.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Rain? Really??

After a couple of decades of enduring the rain Oregon coast winter weather, that weather that consists of rain, more rain, rain with wind, and rain with WAY TOO MUCH wind, the recent change to that pattern has been dramatic. Winter rains have been gentle and (gasp!) vertical with winds hardly noticeable. The 90” of wet stuff a year has sunk to 30” or a bit more and everybody wanders around shaking their heads and muttering the dread word “drought”.

I confess that I was sick of rainy winters. The lack of sun could get very depressing and the wind made me nervous as it pummeled the house and shook the windows. A little less of both rain and wind seemed like a pleasant thought. But it seems I’ve become more Oregonian that I thought. I miss “our” winter.

This year when the daffodils made their entrance a month early I shook my old gray head. Too early the onset of spring. As each prediction for rain has fizzled out and left us with a tenth of an inch where once we could easily measure 3-5” a day I have despaired. And it looks like another winter has passed us by.

But a glimmer of respite. This weekend holds promise of wetitude measureable. I implore the weather imps out there… LET IT POUR!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tuppence a Bag?

Himself and I went into town this morning to buy bird seed. The bag inside the front door from which we fill the feeder that hangs from the tree in our yard was just about empty. My husband worried that the birds would feel pangs of hunger.

I worried too. Worried that the Steller Jays who frequent the feeder would walk up the pathway, muscle their way to the door, and demand immediate service. They’d have to walk since they are so well fed they can barely get airborne. And the many finches, sparrows and juncos crowded around the food bowl every morning hardly seem to suffer. I imagine the song sparrows warbling the words “Come be my sweetie, the food is fine here!”

The local avian population does well by us. Now, if only the news would fail to reach this year’s crop of “wild” turkeys.