Monday, January 12, 2015

Go Ducks!

All sorts of interesting thoughts cross my mind and many of them seem worth blogging about but somehow I just don’t seem to get to my keyboard when there is enough quiet time to gather the thoughts into something coherent to post. Writing, even the trivial fluff I usually concoct, takes some energy. Yes, it looks like a writer is sitting in a nap-like trance, staring into vacant space, but the brain inside her head is dashing around chasing words and running down rapidly scattering ideas. It is the equivalent of a mental marathon.

My marathons slowed to 5k runs, then to short morning jogs. They have now reached gentle strolls around the block and only on mild, sunny summer days. In my younger years I wrestled with universal ideas. These days I muse over random silliness or express my irritation at various nonsense.

Or just comment on “stuff”.

Today’s thoughts have devolved to the mundane level: football. Himself and I, like many Oregonites, are ready to cheer on our DUCKS as they vie for a big championship. Good luck to Mark Helfrich, Marcus Mariota and the team.