Saturday, November 15, 2014

Here I go - again.

Where does it hurt?

My arthritis is subject numero uno today. Will somebody please explain the phenomenon of inflammation that settles into a specific joint, hunkers down for 3 to 10 days, and then disappears, only to settle into some other spot. It hurts like the dickens and makes life generally miserable.

The swollen painful finger joints can get pretty bad. I’ve given up embroidery and crocheting. Using a pen can be difficult and even keyboarding is jolting to a sore, inflamed digit. My fingers have knobs at the final joints and take sudden turns to left or right instead of ending in proper straight lines. When the arthritis catches fire those spots literally glow red and become agonizing.

The hands can hurt, yes, but when the inflamed joint is in the foot things get really nasty. All those bones in the foot. All those potential places to hurt. Whoop-de-doo! This morning I woke to an ache in my right foot that is rapidly progressing from ache, to pain. And onward we go. Or rather I don’t go - much.
Gritted teeth are necessary to keep from rousing the entire neighborhood. I’m not a jogger but it would be nice to be able to stagger from my chair to the loo without setting off the local hound chorus and sending neighbors diving for air-raid shelters.

Getting old is the pits and having arthritis to enhance the experience is beyond my jaunty way with expletives. Use your imagination.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Thank goodness election day is over. I welcome the opportunity to cast my ballot and participate in the governmental process but we certainly don’t have a “free electoral system”, do we?

Free? Try imagining the amount of money spent by candidates and parties and PACs and self-interested millionaires in the attempt to influence (okay, buy) your vote. Truth certainly isn’t required and if you actually believe any of the hype and hyperbole spewed forth in print ads and television spots you are too simple to be allowed out of the asylum.

Free? What is your time worth? You are captive to all that media coverage and the garbage arriving via the post office and the ringing of your phone. There is little escape even for those who eschew commercial television and block phone calls from anyone but family. Leave your house and you will find endless billboards and signs littering the landscape - each and every one in look-how-patriotic-I-am Red, White, and Blue.

We are done with election nonsense for a while. The usual nothing will get done in Congress as the members of one party do everything they can to forestall anything proposed by the other party. Few of those politicians will show any regard at all for our country and its citizens. And those pitiful citizens will weep and wail and curse until the next election when they will emerge from the asylum and vote for the same, or a similar, bunch of congress folk.

Hurrah for free elections?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Spring forward - Fall back

I dislike intensely the twice yearly changing of the clock. I don’t know anyone who thinks it a good or useful idea. Any purpose for it has long been passed and it remains as an irritating anachronism. Prudent leaders should choose one place for the clock and then leave it well enough alone and quit playing silly games of forward and back that upset one’s internal rhythms and spoil sleep. 

So there!