Monday, October 27, 2014

Sports observations - World Series Baseball

Never been a big sports fan, I’ve yet picked up enough knowledge about football, baseball and soccer to get by without totally embarrassing myself in company. But while the past few years I’ve begun to be a follower of soccer, especially of our “local” club, the Portland Timbers, I’ve, not seen much in the way of other professional sports.

Let’s talk baseball here. With the World Series on television, and our old home favs - the San Francisco Giants - playing, Himself and I tuned in to watch. Here’s what I saw:

The basic game remains the same since last I watched. Some guys stand around and some sit around and a couple of guys play toss, hit, and catch with the baseball.

There is a lot of spitting involved. I’m not sure what part this plays in the actual game play but it seems to be very important because everybody does it. They do it in the field, at the bases, when batting, and when sitting in the dugout - otherwise called the spittoon. Great gods of phlegm fly out of mouths and all of this action is highlighted in glorious color and extreme closeup. Beware! Don’t watch baseball during dinner of while consuming snacks UNLESS you have a very steady stomach! I’m thinking there needs to be a place where folks can bet on the number of televised spits per game.

The other major component of professional baseball seems to be the beard. Naked faces are few and facial hair has become nearly de rigueur. Some beards are neatly trimmed and rather attractive. Some are scraggly, shaggy, and unkempt. Some look like misplaced merkins. There are full face coverings, dainty goatees, and various combinations. Watching the players is rather like being an arborist at a topiary convention.

So baseball has become throat mucus and fur. The combination is awesome. Sort of.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wet thoughts

I know we’ve been in a drought here on the west coast. I know California continues to be dry. But it is hard to take it seriously when our particular area of the Northwest is living up to its nickname: The Great Northwet.

We’ve had almost 10” of rain so far this month with more in the forecast and 4” of that were in one day. Our gravel driveway resembled a shallow stream and I wouldn’t have been surprised to see spawning salmon working their way past the house.

Our cat, who adamantly refuses to use a litter box, goes outside to sit staring mournfully out into the yard. She comes back inside only to turn around asking to go out again, fully convinced that the weather will have changed for the better.  Try convincing a very stubborn cat that ‘right now’ is a momentary hiatus and it is a good idea to make the most of it. She holds herself until the bursting point and then goes out during a deluge.

The rain is welcome. Now if only it can also mean a good snowpack in the mountains!

Friday, October 17, 2014

I’m in!

I’m prone to fits of enthusiasm. I also have a weakness for anything that promotes a love of reading in children - or in anyone, for that matter. A few days ago I became aware of a project called Read for the Record.

These folks are out to set a record for the largest number of people reading a single book on the same day. I signed up. The book is a fun little kid’s book called Bunny Cakes and the day for reading it is Tuesday, October 21st. Take a moment out of your day next Tuesday and join us. You can read the book online that day at the organization site or perhaps find it locally at your library. You HAVE been to your neighborhood library recently, haven’t you?

Let me know if you read Bunny Cakes on Tuesday!

Saturday, October 4, 2014


I'm having one of those days when I make a decision and a bit later the situation changes and I make a different decision. Then new information comes along and I reassess and reverse the decision I made earlier that reversed the initial decision. Then I rethink and change my mind about reversing the  decision that changed the decision to adjust that original plan. And then...

The only end to this comes when the event under consideration is in the past. At that point I can rethink, reassess, and possibly regret the decision I ended up making. Or not.