Saturday, September 27, 2014


We had the rain we were craving: 3.3" of it and (surprise) it was vertical! No major wind accompanied it to slam very noise drop against my bedroom window. The amount may seem large but in terms of what we would call "normal" 3" or so is just a good steady day of rain and it hardly makes a drop in the overall bucket.

And the forecast now shows not another drop headed in our direction for at least the next week. This would be early for repeated days of rain so the hope is for more as we move through fall into winter. Unfortunately the professional weather gurus are making pessimistic noises and foreseeing another winter of drought for the west.

Maybe they are wrong.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Well, sorta rain. At least a little action on the wet side of things has made an appearance here. Only .03" so far but (fingers crossed) the precipitation is supposed to increase throughout today and last into tomorrow. I hope the folks in California are getting some of it as well. Light and gentle and steady is what we need. Downpours may be delightful but would be nasty in the burned out areas. Think NO MUDSLIDES!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hope it wasn't my fancy rain-calling gyrations that shook loose the hunk of glacier at Mt. Shasta. I'll try something a little less earth-shaking!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

I obviously didn't do yesterday's rain dance correctly. I'll try again.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Another try!

Please don’t drive past our house this morning. Should you ignore this warning you may be subject to seeing me in the front yard doing a rain dance. With all the wildfires burning in Northern California and in here in Oregon it seems time to encourage the weather spirits to begin the wet season early. For those folks in California, after last year’s lack of sky-borne wet stuff. perhaps it should be “begin the wet season” - not early, just at all. So I’m planning to boogie around the lawn and hoping to bring in the rain.

I just hope I don’t scare the clouds away.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It is nearly a month after that first scent of autumn in the air and there is no mistaking the onset of fall. Days are still mildly warm but the afternoons quickly cool toward the chill of night. The late light is golden. Mornings reveal a ground mist rising under clear skies. The weather guys predict a chance of a first day of rain.

This is still a busy time for our front yard. In the afternoons the swallows gather along the wires practicing and preparing for their migration south. Little birds still flock to the feeder and I glance out and smile at the chickadees. Soon I’ll see the Juncoes return in their winter numbers.

The apples are ripe on the tree across the driveway. The single deer who has been keeping watch on the fruit and grazing in the yard has been joined by a couple of pals and the lowest hanging fruit has been encouraged to drop. The turkeys, gone for the last month or more, have begun to return. They also hope to use the fallen fruit to bulk up for winter. I love the sight of the bright red apples still on the tree and the wild community beneath but it is time to watch a few human neighbors come to share the fruit. These are such very good apples!

Having four very distinct seasons is a treat after years of living where only two occurred: Wet and Dry. Each of the four has a character I now recognize. Each is a favorite.