Friday, August 22, 2014


One of the television series I watch ended the season last night with the (yawn) “cliff-hanger”. Gad how I hate those. This is a ploy set up to ensure the viewer will return after the hiatus. It didn’t used to be such a cringeworthy event.

The “seasons” on TV are so variable and those breaks from the end of one until the start of the next no longer span the 2-1/3 or 3 months of summer. For this particular show it is 5 months. The writers want to to worry and wonder whether the hero, supposedly inside a house that has just exploded, will live. Of course he will live! He is the star of the show fer cryin’ out loud!

Of course they could get clever - and I use that word dripping with sarcasm. He could lose his memory. (Yawn) He could be severely injured. (Yawn) He could have miraculously exited the building just in time. (Yawn) I doubt they will use the old  Dallas trick and have it all be a dream, but with notable lack of imagination it isn’t beyond possibility.

I like this show and will most likely return next season though by then I may have forgotten entirely why I like it. Even harder is when in heaven’s name to look for it again. But the large span of time between seasons gives me plenty of time to find other shows to watch. By next February I may have enough on my nightly schedule, though with the multitude of cheap “reality-based” crud being offered (do people really watch that drek?) my evenings may be for reading only.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


I can hear autumn whispering in the yard. She isn’t loud yet. Not yet nagging at summer to move over and give way. Not yet carving a big swath. In the afternoon she is quick to chase across the lawn and push out the summer heat. She tip-toes around  in the evening crisping the air with a new chill and helping put an extra gleam into the night stars.

She will grow stronger then have a final fist-fight with summer sometime in late September. Summer will swell again with pride until she gets a quick sucker-punch from autumn and summer will depart for another year. Then autumn will rule for a while. The cobwebs on the fences will sparkle with dewy diamonds in the cool morning and the leaves will fly off the trees blown away by autumn’s heavy  breath.

And winter will lurk in the hilltops. Waiting her turn.