Saturday, July 5, 2014

Politically Incorrect?

I fall woefully short among my many well informed, politically correct, organically fed and chronically exercised friends. It is a surprise that they tolerate me except for the slim chance of reforming me. Slim to none.

I read their Facebook and Google+ posts and I review the email they send me full of healthy suggestions and newsworthy world updates. My energy level and world view waver, wobble, and crash.

Face it folks: It is hopeless. It isn’t that I don’t care but I have neither the energy nor the spirit to fight any more. The days for that were when I was in mid-life. We marched for peace and integrated our neighborhoods. We switched from colored bathroom tissue to white. We served more whole grains and bought less ’stuff’. And we raised our children to be aware in ways we never were.

Now the pennant I held, such as it was, passes to somebody else. Thank you to those who keep striving. Have fun. I’ll be taking a nap and playing a silly game on my computer. I’ll eschew the latest book on government financial maneuvering and settle down with a romance or mystery novel. I’m tired of cooking and tonight it will be fast food and television. I’m tired - and retired.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

No Comment!

What? No opinions? No disagreements? Nothing to say about my choice of topics?

I shall mosey off to watch the (final?) game of soccer for the US in Brazil today and wonder about that.

But not much.