Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last Year's Resolution...

At the beginning of last year I set myself the goal of reading 6 books a month during 2013. I completed #72 a week ago and am reading #73: For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway. It was a struggle. I don’t read as fast as I once did and my attention span is limited.

Unless I get in front of my computer.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wrapping Season

I used to be a holiday gift-wrapping expert. My packages were carefully boxed and neatly wrapped. Breakables snuggled securely in bubble-wrap and tissue. Boxes were chosen to fit each item. Paper was measured and cut, securely taped - the corners mitered and precise. Each box had ribbons and bows to match. It was a chore I labored at and cherished.

No longer. In the past 44 years I’ve learned to approach gift wrapping in the manner of Himself, a rather “Git ‘er done!” style. He employs no hoopla or fuss. Well, unless the whimsey of the moment attacks him. There was once a large box with a short electric cord emerging from one corner. Unwrapped it yielded a small wrapped gift plus the cord disappearing into another wrapped box. That one yielded, you guessed it, a small wrapped gift and the cord, longer now, disappearing into another wrapped box. Several layers further on the cord was revealed as part of a hand-made colored light cube. A gift I still have. Way fun to un-wrap and Genius!

But back to the situation I face. My enthusiasm for wrapping has evaporated along with my talent for doing it neatly. It disappeared in the mist of years of watching presents gleefully shredded. Wrapping is just the barrier to get through to find the Good Stuff. Why fuss? And so my technique these days is “cover it up and slap on a label”. No worries about corners or edges. I mix and mis-match papers, sometimes several patterns on the same gift. Must use up all those little extra pieces, you know! Ribbons? They just slow the process of wrapping and un. Fancy tags? Bits and bobs? Hah! Slice and dice a bit of left-over scraps for a label and stick it on with a bit of tape. TAPE! Ah, the precious gift of tape! It repairs torn places and holds together the creative papering as well as ensuring a label stays somewhere visible.

I look back on my early wrapping days with some nostalgia but no urge to recreate them. All is well, My gifts for this holiday are done with a happy flourish. 

I wish you the joys of Wrapping Season!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Service You Can’t Get in the Big City by Guest Writer

Service You Can’t Get in the Big City
by Himself

Yesterday I had to venture the 13 miles north to Bandon to run an errand. Normally, If I make an offer of fast-food lunch to Spousal Unit, she’s happy to come along on these trips, and yesterday was no exception. But that has little to do with this story.

After my errand, we stopped at Dairy Queen. I got a Flamethrower burger and a pumpkin pie Blizzard; she got a big salad. But that has little to do with this story.

The only other customer in the DQ at that hour was our regular UPS driver. I’ve seen him in there before in the middle of the day. I surmise that DQ must be one of his frequent lunch break choices. I nodded hello to him. But that has little to do with this story.

I got our to-go order and headed back to the car. There was a mixup with the salad dressing, and I had to go back in the DQ. But that has little to do with this story.

When we were about to leave the parking lot of the DQ, UPS Guy was just leaving too, but he called out to me that there may be a package for us. Do we want it now? I say sure, why not?He backed up and parked next to us, and rummaged around in the back of his truck for a minute. When he emerged, he had TWO packages for us: One was for home delivery, the other was for delivery via our post office. He delivered both packages to the back seat of our car. That’s service you can’t get in the big city. And that’s what this story is about.

Friday, December 6, 2013

December Morning

Midway through a December morning. It is raining out. The rain is predicted to turn to snow tonight and temperatures to end up in the low 20’s. Husband is still asleep. Kitty is asleep, again. She keeps asking to go outside - where she gazed mournfully at the rain and waits for me to let her back inside. She takes a short nap and repeats the process hoping the result will be different. Himself merely snuggles deeper under the comforter. The sky will be dark at his mid-day and he can ignore the weather.

Me? At the computer, of course!