Sunday, September 22, 2013


It isn't one of the major questions facing humankind but…

Why is it that when my cat bangs on the screen door to request entrance to the house, and I go to open the door for her, she moves from the place where it opens to the hinge side and then has to reverse direction to actually and go around the side she WAS on to actually get in the house?

Okay, you're right. I know the answer: Because - she is a CAT!

Friday, September 6, 2013


Will somebody please explain to me what is going on with the styles in women's shoes? Even knowing that fashion designers display the extremes in their attempts to garner press and reputation, and that women's clothing choices have swung wildly in the past, I cannot fathom what would make a woman want to wear these:

My example is a "moderate" one from the pictures that came up after I Googled shoes. But can you imagine what things like these do to leg muscles? And the enormous sole takes any allurement from the high heel and leaves the shoe resembling a combat boot. In my opinion it is butt ugly.

Maybe the idea is theatre costume and S & M couture brought to the masses? 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cup of... ?

Have you noticed how often the coffee and soda carried around by characters in television shows are obviously EMPTY?
On Castle, Richard shows up in the squad room with two huge cardboard cups of coffee from the local Starbuck clone and swings them forward without a single slosh or dribble. Apparently the coffee they drink is weightless since the cups have all heft of a balloon.

On NCIS Gibbs hands Abby her humongous mega-caffeine drink with nary a sign of inertia or clink of an ice cube. They pour coffee into a paper cup for somebody and the dark liquid in the pot becomes invisible in the cup. The only time you see Gibbs' coffee is when someone spills it.

Can't the prop folks find a way to fake it? Fill those lidded containers with resin so the weight is there and lifting the container looks reasonably real. Do the same with the soda cup and add a couple of beads for the sound of ice cubes. Or let the Foley guys add a bit of reality.

Or at least teach the actors how to carry and raise a cup as if something besides air was inside.