Sunday, July 28, 2013

No Knees is Good Knees?

Arthritic problems happen with my knees too. They either want to lock in place or resist straightening and instead each time I begin to walk they play a game of tag with the nearby nerve. I twist and yelp until those two reach a consensus that allows me to walk. The knees are a chronic pain. No. Knee replacement is not an option I consider.

There is also the occasional severe inflammation of a joint. This can happen anywhere in the body, though hip, spine and foot have seemed to produce the most pain and resultant yodeling. Thank goodness we live in the boonies. If we lived in a town the neighbors would think himself was committing murder at our place. He isn't. And hasn't. At least yet.

Actually he is beginning to understand the joys (gag!) of painful joints. My tough guy is getting older right along with me and though he is less noisy about it he has started to feel it. Are there yodeling duets in our future?

(Getting old sucks. The alternative isn't so great either.)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Fingertips, Part 1

There is a poster I've seen somewhere with a picture of an athletic and vigorous senior and the caption: Old Age Isn't For Sissies.

You better believe it. But for some of us getting old isn't so much a case of entering our Golden Years as it is recognizing that we are caught in the Rust Belt. We aren't the ones out enjoying ourselves by climbing Everest or entering marathons. We're the ones whose bodies embraced decrepitude. Maybe we were careless when younger and are reaping the physical results or maybe we just didn't get dealt a winning hand in the genetic anti-aging poker tournament. Either way we begin to fall apart.

Once I was over the hill and sliding down the other side my hinges began to dominate every activity. It started with a hint of arthritis in a finger. Then two, then three joints succumbed to aching, pain, and eventually visual change. I have an index finger with large knobs at the end joint and a middle finger that takes a sudden leftward turn near the end. Make a fist with either hand  and the knuckles tend to lock and refuse to move unless coaxed. Sometimes they simply ignore commands/requests/begging and remain straight. Try to open that tube of Arnica with old clothespin fingers!

Arthritis in the hands is the only thing I've found that makes washing dishes a pleasurable activity. Soaking hands in hot water is so pleasurable the government must be considering outlawing it. The moral police must have already declared it a sin.

(Getting old sucks. The alternative isn't so great either.)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

"When people are fanatically dedicated to political or religious faiths or any other kind of dogmas or goals, it's always because these dogmas or goals are in doubt."
-Robert M. Pirsig, author and philosopher (b. 1928)

Yes indeed! The louder the voice and the more fervent the believer, the more dedicated they are to making everyone else believe as they do, the less confidence they have in that underlying belief. When you truly know a thing in your heart there is no need to bolster yourself making others agree with you. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Safe and Sane?

Himself and I have no plans for the Fourth of July holiday beyond staying home and hoping no idiot sparks a grass fire with "safe and sane" fireworks. I hate the fact that such stuff is legal - especially in a year where the fire potential is so high. We've already seen one story on the news of a guy blowing two fingers off his hand. I start muttering as soon as I see the first fireworks stand go up locally and wonder why they are for sale.

The folks lighting those home explosions are too often the very ones who shouldn't be allowed any. They get boozed up so aren't careful even if they know how to be. As for really understanding the reason for the celebration? "Gimme another beer 'n whoopee for the 'Ndependence thingie!"

Yes, I have an attitude.

So we'll be at home watching fireworks safely on TV and I may watch the movie "1776" like I do many years. I've been singing the song "My name is Richard Henry Lee, Virginia is my home!" in my head as an earworm for several days now. Maybe watching the film will get it out of my system? (I should BE so lucky... snort!)

Sanitized history. Safe from the tossed firecrackers. Sane? Well, you can't have everything!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The End is Near. Again.

I am so weary of the hysterical outcries predicting the end of civilization from every possible direction... from climate (ice melting, fires, catastrophic storms) to political intrigue (drone surveillance, government spying) to big business (GMO's, bank scandals) to drugs (marijuana growing, Meth labs) to lack of money for police, prisons, education, health care... etc.

Perhaps it seems worse because of the online community and the immediacy of information. Or maybe it is simply the hyperbole involved - though I doubt the folks expressing themselves see it as any form of exaggeration. They are intent on grabbing the attention of people to their particular cause and so each one screams louder then the one before, and waves her arms more wildly, and gnashes his teeth with greater vigor.

The issues are real. They are important. But the overall effect is rather like being surrounded by hundreds of Chicken Little clones screaming that the sky is falling. Instead of being galvanized to action I'm stunned, overwhelmed, and numbed.

Monday, July 1, 2013


Don'tcha just l…l…love … ah-choo! allergy season? Every morning I ah….ah…..ah….. Choo! sit at my desk  ah….ah…..ah….. Choo! and attempt to set world records for ah….ah…..ah….. Choo! sneezing. Drinking my coffee becomes ah….ah…..ah….. Choo! an event liable to produce explosive wall pat ah….ah…..ah….. Choo! terns or a ah….ah…..ah….. Choo! dripping computer screen. ah….ah…..ah….. Choo! Eyes water. Sinuses clog. It is a laugh ah….ah…..ah….. Choo! riot. If it was only spring I wouldn't m…m…. ah….ah…..ah….. Choo! mind so m…m….ah….ah…..ah….. Choo! much. But I ah….ah…..ah….. Choo! do this all year roy…rou… ah….ah…..ah….. Choo! round.