Sunday, June 30, 2013

Undressing the Dressing?

We eat a lot of salad at my house these days. I make my own oil & vinegar dressing some of the time, happily adding garlic and herbs to create various mixtures. Himself prefers a creamy dressing on his salad, Ranch or Bleu Cheese or some other flavor, and I like those too, so we often purchase whatever variety tempts us from the store shelf.

Amazing stuff, those bought dressings. The goop that plops out of the bottle is thick enough to stand up and walk around. It thuds into the bowl, sits there in a blob, and adamantly refuses to flow over the greens, coat the cucumbers or swathe the tomatoes. It is viscous enough to mortar bricks. It would take half a bottle to thoroughly coat a salad.

Do you do what I do? A goodly dribble of Balsamic vinegar thins out the initial glob that burps forth from the container. The bottle then gets topped off with cold water, thoroughly shaken, and tucked onto the refrigerator shelf to await the next salad. Often the dressing is thick enough for several such treatments. Tasty? Yes! And the calorie burden gets lower each time around. That may not be important to you, but it sure is to me. It is also nice that this method thins the dressing so that more gets used before the remains stubbornly refuse to exit the bottle.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

That's Amore!

Another earworm morning. This one burrowed it's way from deep back in my head since the song probably hasn't reached my ears in honorable auditory fashion for decades.

That's Amore by Dean Martin:

Remember Dean Martin? His television show was a weekly Must-See for me in the late 1960s to early 1970s. I was never sure if his alcohol-sloshed persona was real or put-on.

So I woke up this morning with the song going around and around in my head, as ear worms do and when I got to the line about pasta fazool I decided to find out what it is: pasta with beans otherwise known as pasta e fagioli.

You can find a recipe for it here:

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Chewing Gum

"Flogging is far too lenient a punishment for 'people' who spit their gum out on the street." - Himself

I'll bet you can picture the situation. Walking across a paved asphalt parking lot on a warm day. Not noticing the wad of gum and Splat! there it is attached to the bottom of your shoe. Each further step allows the sticky mass to adhere tiny sand grains and pebbles to the growing mess. If you are lucky you notice and scrape. Too often you don't react until you stick to a carpet or floor.

My mother disapproved of gum. She claimed that all who indulged in its use resembled cows in a pasture chewing their cuds. Despite her disapproval, or maybe because of it, I persisted in putting my pennies in the gum dispensers at the grocery store. Remember the joy of turning the knob and grabbing wildly for the little green and red balls that propelled themselves out the shoot headed for the floor?

Facing the reality of my chewing habit Mom then taught the correct disposal of the chaw once the flavor was gone and no new additions were available to add to its girth. If the chew was bubble gum from the market I was to save the wrapper and use it to receive the used gum. If no wrapper was available a tissue or any torn scrap of paper could be used to encase the offensive glob. It could then be tossed into the trash with confidence that it would not glue itself to the bottom of the can to remain in perpetuity. Or until some poor bloke had to scrape it out. 

I seldom chew gum these days but when I do I abide by Mom's rules. And when I encounter discarded gum in the wild, on sidewalk or street, I am hard pressed not to envision the offending careless disposer of same confined forever to a Medieval torture chamber.

But for those who still chew: Teresa Brewer- Chewing Gum Song