Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hanging On!

A typical Oregon Coast storm hit here yesterday. Actually it is hard to tell where the beginning and end of these storms are. It built up over the previous couple of days and while the wind has abated and the rain slowed, both continue in moderation.

A typical Oregon Coast storm… winds to 60 mph. Rain total so far 8.5+ plus. Power only out for an hour, the first time but flickering on and off during the afternoon. "Quick, get the tea water hot before the power goes again!"

The big metal door on our storage shed is down. So is the rain gutter on the front side of the house. A heavy 2x4 bench fell and slid across the yard. And a large branch of an apple tree is in the driveway. Not all that bad really, and folks along the coast are used to this sort of behavior. We've learned not to build a house on a flood plain and we tend to hunker down, wait it out, and emerge to fix the damage. It happens every winter. Repeatedly.

I'm so glad we don't have a million folks in high-rises with out power. Or underground transportation. Or beach houses built just above the waveline. Well, there are a few of those but mostly for tourists and no-one would be surprised to see them go. We worry more about the potential for earthquakes and tsunamis.

As I told a friend recently: No matter where you live the potential for disaster is there - volcano, tornado, mudslide, fire, tsunami, earthquake and various subsets and combinations. We humans just have to hang on.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wash & Set, Please?

Himself and I watched a football game yesterday and I am even more convinced that one of the oddest sights around is that of long curly hair sticking out from the back of a football helmet. It looks pretty strange bushing out from under a baseball cap too.

Yes, I am obviously showing my age and I should be somewhat sanguine about hair styles. My generation was the one that brought long hair for men back into vogue… from the Beatles to Robert Plant and a whole lot of heavy metal guys. But even during those years my preference was for the shorter locks. It was very disconcerting to see a luxurious mop of curls on some dude especially since my own hair is rather mousy brown and sparse.

But athletes? Couldn't they be persuaded to braid it? How about a chignon or a nice bun? Everybody appreciates nice buns on footballers, don't they? I just think anything, even early baldness, would be nicer than seeing a lank, tangled, sweaty mess of hairiness emerging from a pile-up of men's bodies. Heh!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Laugh Track?

I've been on Medicare for almost a year now and as far as I can see it is a great system for scammers. For instance:

The billing for a regular doctor visit has doubled in cost since I went on Medicare. A less-than-15 minute doctor visit that was billed at $70 when I was paying out of pocket is now billed at close to $200. Medicare pays half. I pay half. And the clinic operating the doctor's office runs off giggling.

Since I generally use only a low-cost monthly prescription I chose a $15 a month part D coverage. The drugs cost less than that and the plan doesn't seem to cover much of anything else I've needed so the insurance company runs off giggling.

All those years gathering social security and now a chunk flows back to the government for the monthly Medicare costs.  Somewhere in Washington a bureaucrat runs off giggling.

I'm not laughing much at all.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Watch Your Step!

Ours is an older house, in the country, lacking weatherstripping at the bottom of the front door. This has resulted in a variety of critters availing themselves of the opportunity to enter, presumably to discover how the odd two-legged giants live. We had larger invaders like lizards and snakes but generally the uninvited guests have been multi-legged: spiders, sowbugs, millipedes, and the like.

Last night I'd gone to bed and was drifting off to sleep when Himself stopped at the door to announce the latest addition to the family… a large banana slug insinuating its way across the living room rug. I was tempted to snarl since it was not news I needed to hear at that hour but since HE was evicting said slug, thus protecting my bare toes when I staggered out responding to kitty's door-opening command at some later time, I restrained my response to a muttered "Thank you dear."

Maybe only here in the Great NorthWet do mollusks seek shelter from the rain?