Sunday, September 9, 2012

Watching a Parade on TV

Watching a parade on television is almost always a mistake. Not that the parades themselves are bad (well, perhaps the San Antonio River Parade is an exception to that) but the commentators are, without a doubt, beyond terrible. Way beyond. Like ranging from abysmal, agonizing and awful through to unintelligent, unpleasant, and vile.

A good example is the commentary provided with the Bud Billiken Parade that Himself recorded recently and we watched last night. In between the zillion or two commercials and promos wedged into the one hour show was a running intelligence insult provided by three hosts. Note to televisors of any event: DO NOT HIRE RADIO PERSONALITIES. They do not understand that pictures provide information and so they talk, chat, ramble, and carry on in terror of one single second of "dead air". On radio this is understandable. On television it is appalling. The result is that the noise they generate is a constant stream of oral upchuck.

The Bud Billiken Parade had some great moments of rhythm with many fine young musicians and dancer/drill teams. I think. It was hard to tell since not a note of the music was able to get past the three self-impressed hosts. They carried on a non-stop stream of inane rapture. When they couldn't come up with something new to say they simply repeated the last sentence over, and over. "Look at that little man! Look at that little man! Look at that little man!" with accompanying squeal of faked delight. Ugh!

The Bud Billiken Parade is merely the most recent example of this horrid tendency to inane chatter. The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade is in the list. So is the aforementioned San Antonio parade. And the Rose Bowl Parade - though the coverage of that on HGTV is less offensive overall. Like the old song says, "I love a parade!" but since we live in a rural area we seldom can attend one. Television could fill the gap but seems to have no idea what parades are about.

Note to televisors: Lose the on-air patter, point a camera at the parade route, and let the music play!