Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Summer is approaching and television seems to be into "Super Criminal & Conspiracy Season". In response I'm approaching "Abandon Shows I've Watched for Years Season".

Okay, I'm cranky. I admit it. Sometimes I revel in it. I'm also apparently out of step with the television watching publics's interests. Writers of crime shows feel the need to invent ever more preposterous serial killers and tenacious torturers to lure the viewers back for the next season. Bad guys aren't just neighborhood crooks anymore. They are masterminds who appear from a major character's past whenever the plot supply is getting low. They hold mental sway, trick all but the current hero(ine), and they leer, posture and sneer with great abandon. They also seem to have unlimited funds for financing nefarious schemes. Once caught they continue to manipulate everyone from a prison cell and conveniently leave when they need to create more end-of-season havoc.

The crime shows I watch have ended their seasons with explosions, with major wounds (will he survive or…), and with main characters on the run from devious killers. These wait-and-see episodes will require complex recapitulations when next season arrives.

Did I mention that I was cranky? I only wish I could share my mood with the program writers and producers - preferably as a migraine! Not that they'd care. The short-attention-span public out there seems to expect and demand this sort of anticipatory titillation.

My alternative is to quit watching and this is what I will probably decide to do. It will be sad to leave the characters of which I've grown fond, however the shows seem to grow stale after a few seasons. The whoop-de-do serial-super-criminal plot line and cliffhanger endings gets stale too.