Friday, March 9, 2012


Are you one of those folks who form attachments to inanimate objects that you use in daily life? A car you have named and talk to as if it was family? A comfy old sweater or pair of shoes? A book you haven't opened for years but still keep on the shelf?

Me too. Here is a favorite morning companion, my coffee mug. It is, for me, the perfect shape that holds the perfect amount. The handle fits my grip. The thickness of the lip pleases my mouth. I like the color, the design, the rightness about it.

It can the small things in life that prove most pleasing.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Our rooster, Brandon, pushed his luck a few steps beyond optimal yesterday when he escaped from the chicken yard - twice. My husband, a forgiving sort of guy, had excused previous escapades as "accidents".

"Brandon flapped his wings and the Oregon wind carried him over the fence, " he'd explain, "Brandon is very embarrassed by the mistake."

Yeah, right! Guys WILL stick together!

Yesterday when Brandon did the lift and flap a second time all bets were off. At chicken bedtime Himself strode forth sporting a determined look and carrying the kitchen shears. I knew Brandon was about to get a wing trimming.

A short time later Himself returned and Brandon's flightiness had been curtailed… but not without a battle. I tackled the job of Husband-repair with peroxide, antibiotic ointment, bandaids, and a thankful heart that I'd not been the one to do battle with a terrified rooster.

Hubbie's Leg:

Corporate Games?


I feeling a bit sad today. An on-line game I've been following faithfully for several years has just closed the virtual doors. There are lots of alternatives of course. The internet simply oozes game-playing. I'm not the sort who gleefully bounces from one to another and at present I'm feeling somewhat burned. When a certain not-to-be named mega-company bought the rights to the game, only to announce it would be killing it off, it became clear how easily anything on the internet could be dispatched. Profit is the measure and the only motive for so much of what we are increasingly taking for granted. I'm shy of sharing my trust again.

I will proceed with caution, carrying my grain of salt at all times as I explore the web. My trust in the Cloud is small and reserved!