Tuesday, November 29, 2011


The universe has a tendency to throw things at a person, a sort of "keeping us on our toes" sort of thing. Most of the time I experience it as a somewhat pleasant game, an exciting tennis match where the score is not critical and the energy involved is within reach. But there are other times when the game speeds up, the goals achieved seem few and rapidly retreating from possibility. The balls careen and veer madly, each inhabited by a drunken demon with a nasty sense of humor. A gentle game of lobbying turns into a cut-throat competition with me on the losing end, frantically dashing around returning shots that merely go further and further astray.

I'm in the midst of one of those now. There isn't any winning. There never was. And it isn't about winning anyway. At least I know that. It is about keeping the game going and maybe, just maybe, learning a few new moves along the way. Only the universe gets to holler "SCORE!!!"

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Something strange is happening. It is gray and rainy and depressingly winterish outside, one of those damp, drippy Oregon mornings that make one think of the 3 M's: mold, mildew, and mud. Normally I'd be adding another M - Moping. And maybe Moody. Instead I'm feeling Giddy and Giggley. Gee…

Am I going Mental?

Monday, November 14, 2011

We left the suburbs over 15 years ago for life in the country. To folks who grew up in well-tamed neighborhoods near to decently large towns rural life seemed an idyllic change and for the most part it has been. I enjoy the vistas of hills and trees rather than fences and parked cars. Country living is slower paced and quieter than what we knew and we like it this way.

But… there is always a but, isn't there? Living in an old house on a dirt road brings certain embellishments to our world that were unanticipated. Some, like the ants invading through the walls, could easily be urban, and others, like the occasional mouse or the multitude of spiders, could also be suburban. Others are just part of living "out here". The constant wild turkey invasion comes under that heading. I grit my teeth daily in disgust at the idiot who imported this non-western bird to our area. They are just awful…

My morning began with the "Gawp! Gawp! Gawp!" call of turkeys outside the bedroom window. Every morning they gather in our front yards after roosting up in the fir trees around the neighborhood. "Gawp! Gawp! Gawp!" is translated as "Hey, let's get together and go harass the humans!" From 3 to 20+ stroll into my yard to wreak havoc under the feeder I keep for the little songbirds. They use their big old feet, like chickens on steroids, to scratch and defoliate the lawn searching for the few millet seeds that dropped to the ground. Others seeks a few last unpicked apples that may have fallen overnight while others leap the fence into our chicken yard to glean whatever bit of cracked corn might be left from the previous evening poultry dinner. All this activity is punctuated by "Gawp!' and "Gobble!" and various other squeaks, cries, and complaints.

I try to ignore the crowd. Chasing them isn't effective since they know exactly how fast I move and how far I will go and they return to the yard almost before I get inside the front door. Today while my toast browned I decided to give it a go. Erupting from the porch with a loud "Hey!" sent turkeys running and startled three deer grazing happily just beyond the driveway. Oops!

And did my foray do any good? Hah! I no sooner gained entry to the house and closed the door when I saw all the turkeys back to their pecking and scratching - and all three deer standing in the driveway staring at me through the window. I swear the consensus of opinion was "Stupid human!" and I must agree.