Friday, September 16, 2011

On a morning when fall is aggressively bearing down, blowing a loud whistle and announcing imminent arrival, I'm in need of cheer. Nothing is so warming to a grandmother's cockles as sight of grandchildren so, Ta-Dah!!

Now you can imagine me here, cockles thoroughly toasted.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Pain in the (ahem!) Calf

I've recently had a chance to see the gouging of the consumer via of American medicine and thought I'd share it before I grind my teeth into powder - in anger and frustration.

The background to this story isn't important. The upshot is that I quit wound care through a local hospital when I discovered that my 15-20 minute treatments were costing over $450 each. Going twice a week, no end in sight and no insurance, made it impossible to continue. No, that isn't the upsetting part, although the charges were certainly a shock. What has me in a lather is seeing those costs itemized and then doing some minor research.

To wit:

$92.40 charged for an Aquecel 4x4 dressing that can be bought for $10.61 online

$90.70 charged for a Profore bandage kit that costs $28.77 online

$40.27 for a Mepilex dressing that costs $35 for 5 online

If these folks charged for the toilet tissue it would probably be $10.95 per visit to the bathroom. Oops! Shouldn't have said that. I can already hear the hospital administrators scurrying to put in a coin-op loo!

By the way they charged $142+ to use the treatment room. Himself says for that price he also wants dinner, a movie, and a blowjob.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

What a pill!

I've got an infected spot on my right calf and my doctor prescribes an antibiotic. Himself and I make a trip to the local pharmacy to fill the prescription and along with the pills we are provided with precautionary advice for the medication.

Oh my goodness!

A single read-through of the material - four complete pages of "Thou shalt not" - was enough to scare the bloomers off of me! Every possible side-effect is, well… possible, from hangnail to coronary thrombosis. If my nose itches it might be the medication. If I poop to often, or not enough, wet my bed, have strange dreams or want to kick the cat it might be the fault of those innocent-looking white tablets. I should consume them two hours before this activity and at least four hours after that one. While taking them I must not operate heavy machinery, play racquetball, or think about that gorgeous construction professional who just walked into the grocery store in front of me.

I graduated high-school and went to college. I read prolifically and know how to use a dictionary. I have a reasonable command of the English language. At the end of those pages I was completely baffled and had to summon expert technical support, Himself, to interpret and advise. The cheery words of the pharmacist as he handed over the pill bottle (and the accompanying literature) came to mind: Put one in your mouth and swallow. Sound counsel. He could have added: Read at your own risk!