Monday, July 4, 2011

Swimming upstream?

Earworms. Infective little parasites. I've mentioned them before in this blog and I'll probably mention them again. One nasty little specimen snuck into my head yesterday and is noodling around trying to convince me it is a holiday song and therefore has every right to turn somersaults though my consciousness. After all, this IS the 4th of July!

It wouldn't be so bad if this was part of the Star-Spangled Banner or a bit of a John Philip Sousa march. Even one of the songs from the musical 1776 or a section of the 1812 Overture that seems to accompany so many fireworks shows. But no, what I have banging back and forth inside my skull is the beginning of the song "Eggbert the Easter Egg". Does anyone except me even recall this childhood (ahem) classic? Probably not. Even I am cursed with only the line:

Eggbert the Easter Egg

Sittin' under Daddy's chair


While the boys and girls

Were looking for him everywhere…

Dum-de-dum? Yeah, even I can't quite remember the words. But this riveting piece of poetry is bopping along in my head and driving me crazy: a misplaced holiday un-classic, courtesy of The Earworm Brigade.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Swim, swim, swim!

Winning SWIM Acronyms:

Deb - She was imbibing metaphors

The Bodhi Chicklet - Soft Wishes In Mozzarella

Swim. I checked my thesaurus and found "be covered in" as in "swimming in gravy." Of course that got me thinking of what I might like to be swimming in. Cash comes immediately to mind… and don't tell me YOU didn't think of that one pretty quickly too! Warm tropical water wouldn't be too awful. Love and admiration? Good ideas? Grandkid hugs? Chocolate? That one is sticky but might be briefly entertaining.

It is important to note that swimming in is quite different than drowning in. Too much cash could be a burden. Though what fun to have enough to be able to spread that burden around! The water sounds pleasant but there can be riptides, and sharks, and stinging jellyfish, and… well, even paradise has potential drawbacks. Love and admiration sound great but unless they are deserved they seem meaningless. Good ideas need the energy for using. Chocolate is messy and fattening.

I'm not sure I see any drawbacks to those grandkid hugs though!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

SWIM (again)

I used to be a rather decent swimmer and I loved being in the water. As a kid I splashed in Lake Michigan when it was hardly more than ice cube warm. (Or is that ice cube cold?) At camp and at lakes in the summer I was continually wet, paddling around happily regardless of what might lurk below the water's surface. As a teen I met Himself and spent happy hours in his family's often unheated pool.

The tough days are over. My body's sense of balance shifted and my prowess as a swimmer is now barely above "tread water" skill. I've gone from Plunge-right-in to Dip-toe-and-shudder. It is important to me these days to know exactly what wildlife might be sharing space in the murky wetness. Snorkeling face down in the clear WARM waters of Hawaii is my idea of swimming. My wallet doesn't allow for much of that. My senior sagging body isn't really swim-suit material either. Swim is mostly a historical word for me, composed of history and memories.

Friday, July 1, 2011


Is it an acronym? Shall we try and figure out what it stands for?

Single Woman Intensely Mature?

Sly Wild Insecure Male?

Silly With Insane Metaphysics?

Stupid When In Messes?

Your turn!