Saturday, July 17, 2010

There ARE benefits to getting old!

The greatest benefit of getting older has been to have grandchildren. The role of grandmother comes with all the marvelous joys of being a mother, and none of the duties. It hasn't been a full-time job fraught with the worries and responsibilities. My daughter carries those now. Being Grammy means hugs. It comes with the joy of watching some extraordinary young people grow and discover their world, guided by two intelligent and loving parents. It is a job I highly recommend.

(Ruthanne took the picture of Charlie & Me)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Speaking in Tongues?

We of the "Over Sixty" crowd are now able to speak our own Secret Old
People's Language and hold conversations among ourselves that the
younger generation cannot fathom. They have the Facebook/Twitter/
texting shorthand way of communicating that seems incomprehensible to
my senior understanding, but my generation still understands lots of
expressions that bypass younger minds.

The AARP magazine (of course!) recently listed 50 of them. Here are a
few examples:

Sounds like a broken record
Close but no cigar
Best things since sliced bread
E coupon ride
Cut to the chase
Put through the wringer
That's all folks

There are tons more expressions we grew up understanding that simply
no longer have a meaning in our technological world. What can "in the
groove" mean to today's kids? Or full steam ahead? How many will soon
know what dial-up is, or understand what a bottle of milk could be?
We can no construct sentences and have conversations that are so
loaded with anachronisms that they seem like some sort of code.
We've shifted from our years of talking so our parents couldn't
understand us, to talking so that our children have trouble following
the meaning.