Sunday, August 31, 2008

New TV Season

The man of the house is sitting beside me reading bits from the next
month's satellite TV guide. He's been describing the upcoming new
shows available and I've been convulsing in hysterical laughter. Can
there be an audience for some of these (ahem) concepts?

Under drama:
A show about Greek gods living among mortals
About a gunrunning motorcycle club in rural California
Bobette Buffkin, matriarch of a loan shark family

Under Comedy:
Omigod, I can't even bear to write down a few

Under Reality or, er, Docudrama... I have trouble understanding a
Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling?
Paris Hilton's My New BFF?
Gimme My Reality Show?
Why I Ran?

And my husband's favorite (I thought he HAD to be kidding): Dancing
with Dogs.

People watch this (Bleep!)?

It seems I'll have even more time to catch up on my reading list and
watch re-re-re-runs of my multitudinous Jane Austen movies.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shopping for a radio (part2)

My husband and I are still shopping for the perfect bedside clock-
radio. I think I wrote about this in mid-July and we're still at it.
It is an EDUCATIONAL process. "Educational" is used here in a sense
that can send a person crawling into a corner to hide. The search has
widened to include weather radios, scanners, clock and non-clock
models, those with and without external speakers, CD player,
antennas, battery back-up, self setting, etc. If we find one that
includes cabana boys and dancing girls it will surely ascend to the
head of the list.

The husband requires battery back-up and prefers 2 alarms. I require
a decent warranty, regardless of the features. It seems to me that
the company willing to stand behind its product the longest is one
that believes the product will last. The quest continues and I am so
glad the man is amenable to venturing out on his own, quite like a
hunter pursuing prey for the tribe. This woman is content to remain
in her cave - though reserving the right to critique the resulting
mammoth when the mighty hunter returns.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to RL

My out-of-town company left for home yesterday and now I must switch
gears, from delighted hostess and devoted friend, back to every-day
real life. (insert large deliciously wet raspberry HERE)

My natural first stop is the keyboard. Sitting here and blogging is
both a great way to muster mind and energy, and a marvelous
distraction from actually doing anything. But despite the clattering
of keys as I type there is a disturbing sense of imminent attack by
stuff. You know, STUFF: Books I have stacked in a "to read" pile,
meaning and sewing, bills to pay, projects begun or planned - all the
things of daily life that were set aside while I enjoyed the time
with a wonderful friend. That STUFF is in my head like the sound of
heavy breathing and eerie throbbing music in a B-movie thriller.

Today has been set to look around and take stock of various projects
to catch up with. (Nothing like a dangling preposition is there?) I
plan to organize and prioritize, martial my thoughts, and gird my
loins - so I will be sure to know what important and time-sensitive
undertakings to ignore first!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Company is coming - or family rather. Sisterfriend. With a day or two
left to prepare for her arrival, normally I'd be fluttering around in
frantic criticism of home and hearth, attempting to set right what
daily, weekly, monthly gets left undone. So what is different this time?

I'm not dashing. My dash has been dashed and I'll be dashed if I'll
dash. And that in itself is dashing!

A bit of surface tidying, but otherwise my plan is to relax into the
embrace of a warm heart and offer mine up for her to curl into. A
week of morning chats over cups of tea or coffee, spiritual note
exchanges, hugging: all those things we cannot (but try to)
experience over the internet. dust can continue to gather in the
corners of my house but I'll be busy with the important stuff.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Battle of wits?

We have an appointment to take our cat, Flickie in for her yearly
shots this afternoon. The tricky bit will be locating and capturing
her prior to the drive to Bandon. Locking her in would be fruitless
so we rely on the fact that if I go outside to sit on the deck she
will materialize from her hidey-hole and with luck will allow herself
to be pounced upon. Chancey that. She is ultra-cautious, and even
less wary cats often have some notion of when one is plotting to
capture them. Stacked against one another, the wits of a human and
the wits of a cat are no match. I'll bet on kitty nine times out of
ten. So we have a back up plan wherein our neighbor gets a call to
say Flick has chosen invisibility and said neighbor appropriates our
vet appointment to take her dog Ginger for her rabies shot. Dogs are
more human and easier to fool.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I'm not the best housekeeper in the world. Not even close. My house
is not a complete disaster (nothing is perfect!) and I've been in
much worse places, but the dust bunnies here have metamorphosed into
dust dinosaurs and there are always spider condos developing in the
corners. Well, spider webs aren't much of an example are they? Those
industrious beasties can erect full apartment complexes overnight.
Maybe a better example is the state of the kitchen floor or the
serious condition in the shower? On second thought I'd rather not
describe those.

Back to my point, if there is one. I had several large bags of fresh
caught tuna in the fridge overnight, waiting for canning and
freezing. That is happening today and no, I'm not doing it. My
fantastic neighbor and friend is doing the labor and she gets her
share free in return. Oops, did I wander again? Ah yes, the
refrigerator... After the tuna left it was necessary to remove the
two bottom drawers for cleaning and what a surprise was in store. The
refrigerator drawers didn't SEEM that yucky (Ah, the joys of being
near-sighted!) until a close inspection made even my loose standards
tremble and quake. Hot water! Bleach! Ick, ick, ick! Where did all
that hair and dust and unidentifiable particular matter UNDER the
drawers come from? And how did it get in there?

Now that the drawers are stacked on the counter, sparkling white and
ready to reinstall. I have to consider proceeding to the remaining
parts of the refrigerator. I know there are containers of once-edible
victuals therein. I'm certain there are un-sponged spills that have
petrified. Hmmm, do you suppose some of those substances are of
scientific value? Could that once sticky drip be the element needed
to coat the underside of the space shuttle? But I digress again.

The question I face is whether or not to wipe, scrub, scour, polish
and disinfect further. After all nobody gets sick from eating what
emerges from this refrigerator. I go by the theory that we all need
some exposure to contamination in order for our immune systems to
become robust. Think of the responsibility to humanity! I'm thinking
of the domino effect that could happen: clean refrigerator, clean
kitchen floor, tidy cupboards. The list is scary and endless. All
that thinking makes me think I'll take a nap instead.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

How to Turn My Gray Skies Blue (er)

I've been doing a few turns in the emotional dumps recently, worrying
about a dear pal who is facing breast cancer surgery and being
generally overwhelmed by the world. The above mentioned friend was
nearly ready for a long planned visit and the Big C derailed our
locomotive. We're both less than thrilled about the cancellation and
the dratted reason for it.

Okay, I admit to the awful lurking thought of "Hey! Quit messing up
my plans!" aimed at the universe. The concern for my friend is
paramount but seems to have a little tag-a-long of childish self-
interest that is embarrassingly evident, at least to me. How could I
be so ME centered? But there it is.

Today news of compensation arrived as another dear friend announced
plans to visit. Neither person supplants the other. Each is a
precious jewel in my heart in her own special way. I'll look forward
to the recovery and future visit of one and can now bubble with
delight over the impending arrival of the other. And best of all, I
can chase away those gray skies with knowing that both of these
lovely ladies want to be here as much as I want them to be.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Annoying Calls

I answered my telephone a few minutes ago to hear a cheery voice
asking me on behalf of "XYZ Research Group" for my opinion on such-
and-such, another in an almost daily series of calls from various
pollster organizations. I answered with my standard "I'm not
interested in giving my opinion!" and hang up. Obviously from the
fact I blog that statement is an out and out lie.

First of all, yes, I'm already on the no-call list. Apparently
political calls and opinion polls (whatever their TRUE purpose may
be) are not considered sales or these callers are flouting the law.
Perhaps I should push the button and talk to their representative, or
take the poll and turn in the annoying source to some authority, but
I prefer to terminate the call ASAP. The sound of a recorded voice
immediately brings up a Pavlovian hang-up-the-receiver twitch in my
arm anyway.

I'm thinking that the next opinion request might prompt me to offer
my services as a consultant. "Can I email you my fee schedule?" seems
an appropriate response. Since I'm retired my charges will be
reasonable. How does $100 per quarter hour question/answer segment
within normal business days, time and a half for evening and weekends